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🏆Why You Should Trade Options In 2022🏆

In the video above Scott explains a few reasons why he suggests trading options in 2022..

We trade options mainly because they’re a lower cost of entry and we are able to hedge our trading strategies for both upward and downward trending markets. But a huge factor that trading in options gives, is the ability to exercise the contract but not the obligation!

There are many other great reasons why trading options is actually a safe and smart decision in today’s market. We recommend watching the entire short video if you have not ever traded using options.

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“Wow! I’m in!”

Ok. Now I’m convinced. Time to activate Robinhood. And be early for your vids.

– Drew G.

“Can he see the future? “

This is the only TikTok time traveler that has called real stuff, he is starting to make me scratch my head.

– Shane E.

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