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I’m a serial entrepreneur born and raised in Woodlands Texas, and a father of four brilliant children. I have a passion for building things and helping others, my primary background other than being a professional parent is e-commerce and Internet ventures.

I have built very many successful online ventures while always investing in trading in stocks. At some point after helping so many people that were close to me I was challenged with why don’t you create a business teaching people to trade I accepted the challenge and here we are building FCCT.

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Oddly I thought I was done building businesses and I was going to simply enjoy life. God had other plans for me so now I am helping people learn to a trade and I am passionate but most more importantly enjoy watching people succeed. Even if I can only help just a few people then I’ve done my job proudly.

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When I’m not working I spend most of my time in the Caribbean doing what I love which is to travel I also enjoy spending time with friends and family and have the most amazing people in my corner I live by the motto.

“Life without limits.”

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